Magnifying glass examining a crowd of people.

Skip The Math: Researchers Paint A Picture Of Health Benefits And Risks

NPR and Kaiser Health News report on how a Maryland physician teamed up with an environmental scientist to develop a visual approach for helping patients understand the medical risks and benefits of medical tests and treatments.

Marathon runners

Shared Decision-Making Allows Some Athletes with Heart Condition to Compete

“Shared decision making supported by evidence-guided medical therapy and incremental interventions lays the foundation for a more permissive approach to not only allowing, but potentially encouraging participation in physical activity, including competitive sports.”

Shared Decision-Making Tool Helps ED Patients with Low-Risk Chest Pain

A single-page shared decision-making tool helps low-risk chest patients who present to the emergency department better understand their health status and options and may reduce the use of stress tests and imaging, possibly cutting costs, all without increasing risk, a new study suggests.

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